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CoachingMCL Spring 2009 Newsletter

A Happy spring season to all my clients, colleagues and friends.

During this season of renewal, we find ourselves wanting that this economic recession to end soon. And, the more we focus on the positive, the faster it will manifest itself!

Coaching is a great way of finding renewal and setting new goals and plans. The past months have been busy ones for CoachingMCL developing new coaching programs and expanding the practice.

Every day, I experience the positive changes occurring in people's lives through coaching and that is extremely satisfying from my perspective.

Enjoy the newsletter and please forward it to colleagues, friends and family.

Happy Spring! As always, I enjoy receiving your feedback and suggestions.

Achieving a healthy balance between Family life and Work

Many young moms and dads are collapsing from burnout. I’ve met some of them in my coaching practice. “There is too much to do in too little time.” That’s the general complaint. Add to this downsizing in the workplace and more career pressure, growing workloads, consumerism and the pressures of keeping up ‘with the neighborhood', commuting time, driving children to multiple sports and leisure activities evenings and weekends.

This lack of equilibrium and balance between work and family life creates stressed out individuals living in ’survival mode’ rather than experiencing a satisfying lives. People have fewer moments to enjoy relationships; there is too much stress, discomfort and pressure. Both women and men have less time to decompress. And, kids are busier than ever. Performance pressure at school, and too many parents gearing up kindergarten age children for university at too tender an age.

Something has to give. What will it be? Examining how you spend your ‘100 hours’ of awake time in a typical week is a good place to begin. Once you have done this, decide how you WANT to spend it. You can decide to change things.

Exploring your core values and priorities is a good place to start. A life coach will work with you to create a more balanced and satisfying existence based on your values and priorities.

Does your work environment look like this?

Fundamentally, 'coaching is a way of treating people, a way of managing, a way of thinking, a way of being.' If resourceful coaching techniques were used in the workplace, what would that mean and what would we discover?

It would mean that the manager would create a space for individuals to build their self-belief. In addition to accumulating successes, employees need to know that their success is due to their own efforts.
  • The employee would know that other people believe in him/her. He would feel trusted, allowed, encouraged and supported to make his/her own choices and decisions.
  • It would mean being treated as an equal, even if the job title is lesser.
  • It would mean not being patronized, instructed, ignored, blamed, threatened by word or deed. A manager must be experienced as a supporter rather than a threat or controller!

from John Whitmore, Master Coach

A fail proof technique to combat adversity

You have had a setback. You face adversity. You feel like a ‘failure’.

You can allow yourself to be demoralized or you can learn to use it. How do you use adversity to your benefit?

Sit down and make a list of all the potential benefits coming out of this ‘adverse’ situation. The major secret of just writing the list is that it will change your focus from what you don’t want to what we do want! Your attitude will change. You will gain a new perspective on things.

Successful people know that, if used productively, adversity will bring about new and good things. The secret: knowing how to ask the correct question. What do I want? And begin answering the questions until you arrive at a new understanding of the situation. A new perspective. Think of things in a new way. Focus your mind on the possibilities instead of the disaster. Find ways of drawing on your inner resources (and you have many) and then take action. Get out of the problem mindset and get into the solution mode!

Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ writes: 'In adversity, look for the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”. When you look for the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit and work on germinating it, good things happen. What seemed like a terrible outcome can contain the very thing that will propel you to success because you will have unleashes positive forces inside of yourself, which include motivation and imagination. Then get on with it. Build upon that positive. You'll see immediate change, I promise.

The Sedona Method

A simple and useful technique to ground yourself and to relax.

In a nutshell, here's how it works by asking yourself 4 questions...You can do this many times during the day with the same issue or different ones.

  1. Allow yourself to focus inside and think of one of the issues that you believe you have. It could be a money issue, a health issue, a stress issue, a relationship issue, it doesn’t really matter. Just find anything in your life that you would like to change or improve… (pause). And in this moment, could you just welcome however you feel about that issue; could you just let it be here as best you can…(pause)
  2. And then could you let it go, just could you? (pause)
  3. Would you? (pause)
  4. When? (pause)
For more information on using this technique, see

Positive Psychology, an emerging science...

Positive Psychology was founded by Martin Seligman in the 1970s. It provides a robust theoretical and empirical base for the practice of life and executive coaching. Contrary to traditional clinical psychology, attention is shifted away from pathology and pain and is directed to the strengths, vision and dreams of the individual.

One of its main approaches consists in assessing, developing and utilizing a client's individual character strengths. The coach works with his client to find out what energizes and pulls the individual forward rather than looking for causes of pain and failure. The choice, then, is to ‘follow this trail of dreams’ during the whole coaching process.

For more information about this fascinating science, I suggest you read Martin Seligman’s best-selling book ‘Authentic Happiness.’ (ISBN 0-7432-2297)

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