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'legs' to your dreams! Create objectives for 2008!

December 21st is the first day of winter...We have already received tons of snow.

As writer Guy Finley once noted, winter is a time when nature is gradually withdrawing her forces and is reaching a resting point. A three month period of time has begun...a pause in the flow of our lives and this is the perfect time to create new goals for 2008. I suggest you use the following 'coaching questions' to trigger new goals.

  • What are three things I really enjoy doing?
  • What three things bring me the most joy?
  • What were the best two moments in the past week?
  • What were the best two moments in the past month?
  • My two best moments in the past year?
  • 3 things I would do if I win the lottery?
  • Three things I would do if I found out I only had a year to live?
  • 3 causes or issues I care a lot about?
  • 3 things that motivate me very much? A lot?
  • In a nutshell, what do I want to be, do, feel, think, own, in the next 12 months?

Now, go ahead and begin writing those new goals!

What do you want to have inscribed on your gravestone?

In the November 5th edition of the Montreal Gazette, there was an article about people deciding what to write on their gravestones before their death instead of leaving it for somebody else…family or friends.

Coachees know the technique of 'writing your own epitaph'…It is about ‘thinking from the end’ i.e. focusing on what you want to create in your life in order to accomplish it. Truly, once you are clear on what you want, the rest becomes easy. It is deciding what you want which is the trickiest part.
So if you want to write : “Chloe was a kind, compassionate woman who created a wonderful, loving and exciting environment everywhere she went…for the pleasure and happiness of everyone”…then you’ll have a clear and precise road map for your life.

Working with a professional certified life and business coach is the best way of creating a focus and a vision!

“Most of us get to our graves with our music still within us.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

The President’s Cup
Montreal 2007
Mike Weir and Tiger Woods

I had the great pleasure of attending the President’s Cup held in Montreal this past September. What fun! I was happy to see Mike Weir prevail over supergolfer Tiger Woods. Although I think Tiger eased up a bit near the end of the game to 'encourage' Mike, I was happy that the Canadian prevailed in the end.

While watching these virtuoso players in action, I wondered about their talent and amazing performances.

Do you know what is the difference between an amateur and a professional golfer? The answer?

If you said they both have natural ability, that's correct. But more importantly: Tiger Woods and Mike Weir both have… coaches!! They always have. And they always will. And 99% of the amateurs don’t….

That’s the difference. You have tremendous inborn talents and aptitudes…and with a coach working with you, you can perform and accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. You can really maximize your potential. A coach is trained to see what is missing for the client to excel personally and professionally.

Become the 'professional… of your life'…Work with a coach.

The REAL Secret to Life

Be aware of your beliefs. That’s the first step. Just being aware of these beliefs is exactly where you need to be. For any outcome you want in life, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will help you to get it. Your job is to go inside and discover how you are currently doing what you are doing, and then be flexible enough to adopt a new way of thinking and acting that will help you get the results you want. With any belief or outcome in your life, no matter how aware you are of it, if you continue to focus your mind on what you don't want in relationship to this area, you will continue to get what you don'twant. Many people could write an entire book on their 'stuff' and why they are the way they are. But none of this will change their outcome because in order to do that you will need to change your internal map of reality. Beliefs are a major aspect of this.

A good way to tell what your beliefs are is to look at the results you are getting in your life and to trace back from there what your beliefs may be in that area. But an even better way is for you to witness yourself in real time creating an outcome from a belief. Witnessing is watching yourself with conscious awareness and without any agenda for what may or may not happen. In order to witness how you are creating what you are creating, you will have to just watch what pictures you are making in your mind and what you are saying to yourself in regards to what it is that you want in your life.

The real secret to life is how you focus your mind, so I'd look at what you say to yourself and what internal pictures you make in relationship to your life: relationships, career, money and prosperity, people you attract to yourself and so forth. Furthermore, when you ask yourself questions about how you can get what you want, it is a way of focusing your mind because it causes you to make internal representations of what you do want.

The best way to tell when you are focusing on what you don't want is that you feel bad. Anytime you feel bad, take it as a signal that you are focusing on what you don't want in some way. Find out what it is that you do want, and instead focus on that. That’s the real secret. ALWAYS FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT AND NEVER ON WHAT YOU DON'T WANT OTHERWISE THAT'S WHAT YOU'LL GET...

adapted from Bill Harris

Michel C. Lavoie, ACC
B.A., B.A. Comm., M.A., M.Ed.
Professional Certified Life and Business coach

Something to think about...

'What we have in our lives is what we want otherwise we would create something else.'

Did you know that...

-most professional coaching is done over the phone during weekly hourly sessions.

- if you want new results in your professional and personal life you have to begin doing something different because if you continue doing what you are presently doing, you will continue manifesting the same results.

- it is important to only focus on what you want and never to focus on what you don't want...When you catch yourself thinking about something you don't want (also called worry or anxiety), immediately ask yourself: 'What do I want?' Once you find the answer, begin immediately focusing on this...It requires some practice in the beginning but the effort will deliver huge benefits.

- a coaching partnership always begins with a 2 hour confidential meeting (no charge) to explore the needs and goals of the client...and to see if there is a 'fit'.

-long-distance coaching is not costly with all the new inexpensive phone plans. I have had coachees on the west coast of Canada as well as in Prague.

A recent message from one of my clients (professional writer):

'The right word at the right moment can make a huge difference in one’s perspective on an issue. You have dropped a few of those pearls for me along the way. I am more optimistic about the future than possibly ever before. I feel rejuvenated. I have set a course of action into motion and now all I need to do is keep the wheels greased.'

Have a happy holiday season and a great 2008!!!

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