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Outstanding contribution to children’s television (ACT)

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SDA Productions’ Executive Producer, family and youth programming, Michel C. Lavoie was the recipient of the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Canadian children’s television. The Award received recognizes his exceptional contribution to the quality of children’s programming produced and broadcast in Canada, programming with an international reputation of quality. Amongst his many accomplishments, Michel C. Lavoie was director-coordinator of the Canadian version of Sesame Street then Director of Children and Youth Programming for Radio Canada. He joined Coscient Group in 1997 where he engineered the production of Popular Mechanics for Kids Popular Mechanics for Kids was a Canadian children’s television series, based on the magazine Popular Mechanics. The show’s purpose was to teach young kids how things work. It aired between 1997 and 2001 on Global. , a popular youth series in Canada, the U.S. and on the international marketplace. He is currently working on the development of several projects, including To the Max, a youth magazine.

“Once more the talent of our teams has been recognized ” said Richard Laferriere, Coscient Group President and Chief

The officer of a firm responsible for day-to-day management, usually the president or an executive vice-president. . “Coscient Group’s production subsidiaries have a long tradition of excellence in children and youth programming and we intend to pursue this tradition and contributions from outstanding individuals such as Michel C. Lavoie is essential to our success.”

Coscient Group is the largest independent producer and distributor of television programs and feature films in Quebec, and the second largest in Canada. The shares of Coscient Group are listed on the Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the ticker symbol CST.A.

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