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James Flaherty addresses the FICQ (the association of professional coaches of Quebec)

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James Flaherty was the keynote speaker recently at the FICQ held in Montreal.

Author of the bestseller Evoking Excellence in Others, Flaherty noted that all of us are asleep to some degree.

We keep doing the same things over and over again; we keep having the same problems and we keep trying to solve them with the same old ways.
Coaching is about awaking us from our slumber of unconsciousness; our numbness in the way we keep useless habits. These put us to sleep and we stay far away from ourselves. One of these habits is the ‘busyness’ habit. ‘Busy puts us to sleep’. When we are asleep and busy, we don’t make good choices. For example, we don’t eat well.
We resist waking up.

A good coach who speaks from the heart helps people wake up. Because people want to be connected and SEEN for who they really are, speaking from the heart can help release the individuals from their sleepy state. Clients come to coaches to be SEEN and recognized for who they really are. They want to be welcomed for who they are. As they are. The coach welcomes them with openness and presence. He makes the connection. He create an atmosphere so people can really be themselves. To connect, a coach must speak from 3 centers at the same time, head, heart and gut. This connection with the client awakens him, lets him be seen and to be powerful.

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November 10th, 2010 at 10:24 am

Out of Ethiopia/part 3

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The crew spent about 3 weeks filming the Last Jesuit in Ethiopia. The crew: cameraman Claude, sound man Jay, director Georges, researcher Michel, production assistants Mary and Samson. Rivard Productions, a Manitoba based company, originated the project. The film was shot in 3 cities: Addis Ababa, the capital (over 3 million inhabitants), Debre Zeit, a town of 100,000 people one hour south of Addis and in Gondar, the beautiful and enchanting historical city north of the capital.

The principal ‘star’ of the film, Father Roland Turenne is 86 years old. Age was never an issue during the filming. He was up before sunrise to say mass, then to report to the set before starting time and he would spend a whole day working with the crew as we told the story of the Jesuits’ presence in Ethiopia; their work and highlighted different aspects of Roland’s life and contribution as a missionary.

The supporting ‘stars’ in the cast, people who had worked with Fr. Turenne in the past, showed up to participate in the filming and gave their testimony and shared memories and stories. All these wonderful people generously gave of their time and experience, grateful that this important story was finally being told and documented. “The world needs model of courage and perseverance more than ever’, as one participant was heard to say.

As well as contrasting the lives of the ‘Last (Canadian) Jesuit’ with the ‘First (Ethiopian) Jesuit’, Father Groum Tesfaye, the film will also profile the lives of many young people who work alongside Father Turenne. He has affected their lives in a positive way as he continues to work with them in building new homes for the homeless and poorest of the poor.

The film will be broadcast on Société Radio-Canada in the fall of 2010.

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March 8th, 2010 at 6:26 pm

Out of Ethiopia- Part 1: A coach shoots a film in Africa.

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I recently returned from Ethiopia and nearly 3 weeks of working on The Last Jesuit, a documentary on missionary Roland Turenne who has lived in
Ethiopia since 1951. He will turn 86 tomorrow (St-Valentine’s Day). Roland really is the last of a generation of men who left family and country to go work in remote parts of the world ‘for the greater glory of God’. While in Addis Ababa, the capital, the crew stayed with the Jesuits’ residence near the University. We were welcomed with open arms. Their residence was built in 1968 by the Canadian Jesuits (project leader was Father Pierre Gouin, s.j.). The present superior is Groum Tesfaye, the ‘first’ Ethiopian Jesuit. The film will successfully contrast Fathers Turenne and Groum…two generations of Jesuit, two friends and colleagues in Christ. It had always been planned that one day Ethiopian and other African Jesuits would replace the foreign missionaries. And this will come to pass.
A Rivard Productions documentary for SRC, the crew (cameraman Claude, sound man Jay, director Georges and researcher/coordinator Michel) arrived January 14th, 2010 after a grueling 25 hours trip from Montreal. 12 cases of filming equipment, luggage, etc…We are met at the airport by Fr. Turenne, Fr. Groum and Fr. Ken, a young Kenyan Jesuit teaching high school in Addis as part of this training. What a beautiful welcome. After the mandatory trip to the Duty Free (as suggested by Fr. Turenne) to stock up on scotch and wine, we head into Addis and the residence for a late night supper of pizza and wine. We were made to feel very welcome and at home.
more to come…

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February 13th, 2010 at 11:08 am

Bob Proctor at Montreal event, September 19, 2007

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I attended the Health and Wealth celebration featuring Bob Proctor at the Mont Royal Center in September. Like a lot of people, I had seen him in The Secret and I had read one of his books (You were Born Rich) but I didn’t really know who this fascinating man with the white hair was. I had read that he was the heir to the teachings of Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and Earl Nightingale/Lloyd Conant. He had been ‘chosen’ to keep this tradition alive. His life was transformed, he says, after reading Hill’s book. Once you are in the lineage of Wattles, Carnegie, Hill et al, your mission is to spread the word. Proctor continues to maintain a work and speaking schedule that would exhaust people half his age (he is a trim, energetic 73).

With all the flurry around The Secret, his schedule must be even more hectic and busy. Like most empowerment authors and professionals, Proctor had a tough youth and worked in a series of dead-end jobs until he got enlightened by a series of authors and mentors. His life turned around radically, he says, when he began ‘building an image in my mind; straying true to it and letting it manifest.” “Don’t be governed by tradition and old recordings in your head from the past, create new and original ones.” Make a decision for what you want because “results are the results of your level of awareness.” If you aren’t aware, you’ll blow it, he states emphatically. Are you resisting change and fighting to stay where you are, in your comfort zone? Well, the best way to expand your awareness and change your life around is the path to wealth and success he took many years ago…Find a mentor and a life and business coach! “Effective education combined with professional life and business coaching over a reasonable period of time will expand a person’s level of awareness and make him successful!” Ask yourself: What am I presently doing? Is it working? What would work? What doesn’t presently work? So put all your energy in what works and stop doing all the rest. If your present paradigm has you wired to stay where you are, (a paradigm is a multitude of habits), it will act like a thermostat and keep you at the same ‘temperature”, i.e. not succeeding, static. “And if you aren’t moving forward in your life, you must be going backwards.” So, be willing to change your paradigm. Your present habits have come from the “past generations”, i.e. such as your parents, teachers. Old programs. Install a new one in your mind. “Change just one question and you can change your life.
Most people live from the Outside to the Inside. But the most limiting behavior comes from living from the Outside to the Inside. Usually, it begins with a comment made by an adult (parent, teacher) to a young child: “You’ll never end up doing anything good with your life because you are lazy.” The adult can tell the child that he is lazy or stupid and the latter will spend his life with this limiting belief…the Outside will condition the Inside perpetually. Other negative beliefs can be added to the mix thus creating a paradigm. “Begin living from the Inside to the Outside by choosing and deciding to create new images of success. Make a decision: I’m going to begin living in a new way, starting today.”

Bob Proctor, recently quoted in the media about the The Law of Attraction, stated: “When we get even a glimpse of who we truly are, we are absolutely dazzled–because we’re spiritual beings. When we grasp that truth, then we realize that all the knowledge and power we need, we already have.” We see a man whose mission is to help people discover this reality for themselves, to discover who they truly are, and how they go about going that.

The planning of the September event (Sheldon Kagan) was mediocre at best. The other speakers Jerry Roberts, Archie Robertson, etc…made pitches for various products (books, land, and so forth). Sitting in the audience, you often had the impression that you had paid good bucks to listen to people do their infomercials. I suppose that comes with the territory and takes some getting used to. Finally we had to sit through a much too lengthy Christian Limoges (N.D) presentation on healthy habits, the need to eliminate poisons from the body and other such information. So, by the time Proctor hit the stage at 10:20, many people were ready to leave (or had already left) and Proctor remarked that he had never spoken this late in the proceedings, ever.

Nevertheless, I thought that much of what he had to say was worth the wait! It is unfortunate he didn’t appear earlier, in prime time. Maybe the organizers will attract the winning formula the next time around!

Written by Michel

September 24th, 2007 at 3:26 pm