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Michel C. Lavoie, PCC; B.A.; B.A. Comm.; M.A.; M.Ed.
Producer/Consultant/professional certified life and business Coach

Michel Lavoie began his career at Société Radio-Canada in 1972 as a Producer-Director in Information Programming and was then promoted to Executive Producer, News and Current Affairs.

In 1975 he moved to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as Executive Producer, Canadian Sesame Street. Lavoie expanded the production of the series from a single production center to ten locations across Canada. In co-production with the Children’s Television Workshop in New York (CTW), and attracting the very best live action, puppet and animation talent in the country, he created a watershed series that was CBC’s top show for Canadian preschoolers during the 1970s and 80s.

In 1990, Michel was named Director, Children’s, Youth and Family Programming at Société Radio-Canada. As department head, as well as supervising a staff of 65 employees, he was responsible for 1400 hours of programming each year.

In 1997, Michel joined Motion International as Vice-President, Children’s and Youth programming. As Executive Producer, he launched the international hit series Popular Mechanics for Kids. He was also responsible for the creation of many successful youth series for the international market: YAA! To The Max, Fun, Food, Frenzy and Rockabye Bubble. While at Motion International, many new and innovative projects were put into development. Having joined Zone 3 Productions in 2000, Michel was responsible for international productions. He created successful series such as Masters of Technology and Dream Home (Ma Maison Rona). The Last Jesuit is a documentary shot in 2009 that he created for Société Radio-Canada which depicts the life and times of Roland Turenne, s.j., the last Canadian Jesuit in Ethiopia,.

During his career, Michel Lavoie has produced many different genres of programming for various target audiences: magazine, children’s, documentary and dramatic series. Many of these programs have won national and international awards. He has extensive international experience participating in many international forums such as Prix Jeunesse. He taught Communication Studies at the graduate level at Concordia University. He has also published articles on children’s television.

In 1998, Michel was honored by the Alliance for Children’s Television Lifetime Award for ‘Exceptional Contribution to the Industry’.

Michel Lavoie has a BA Literature (U. of Man, 64), BA Communication Arts (Concordia, 72), MA Philosophy (UQ, 68) and a M.ED in Educational Psychology (McGill, 84). In 2003, he began his training for a certification as a professional life and business coach. He obtained his PCC certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2009.

As President of MM Media, Michel is presently working as a life and business coach, freelance producer and communications consultant. He runs an active professional coaching practice in Montreal.




Fun! Food! Frenzy! 26 x 30’’ TVO exec/prod

Popular Mechanics
For Kids 72 x 30’’ Global exec/prod
(finalist Gemini) Hearst

YAA! To The Max 35 x 30’’ YTV exec/prod
(Finalist Gemini) Encore

Grandes Gueules 26 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod

Bêtes/Pas Bêtes 182 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod
Livraison Spéciale 52 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod

Switchback segments CBC prod/director

Four Summers 1 x 30’’ CBC prod/director
(finalist Banff)

Réseau Soleil 3 x 60’’ SRC prod/director


La Boîte à Lunch 26 x 15’’ SRC exec/prod
(Prix Jeunesse)

Rockabye Bubble 26 x 30’’ TVO exec/prod

Chatouilles du matin 150 x 10’’ SRC exec/prod

Canadian Sesame
Street 3500 seg. CBC exec/prod/director

Touroul 25 x 15’’ SRC exec/prod

La Ribambelle 260 x 15’’ SRC exec/prod

Basil Hears a Noise 1 x 30″ CBC/PBS exec/prod
(Cable Ace)


Buried Treasure 1 x 30’’ CBC prod/director

I Love You Cowboy! 1 x 30’’ CBC prod/director

Time of Your Life 3 x 30’’ CBC producer

Les Outardes 5 x 30’’ SRC director

Rève de Pierre 1 x 15’’ ONF prod/director


Second Regard 90 x 30’’ SCR exec/prod

Parcelles de Soleil 180 x 15’’ SRC exec/prod

Course Destination
Monde 180 x 60’’ SRC exec/prod

Jour du Seigneur 120 x 60’’ SRC exec/prod

Made in Quebec 1 x 60’ ‘ CBC prod/director

CBC Evening News 60 x 60’’ CBC director

Actualités 24 250 x 60’’ SRC exec/prod

Elections/ Specials/
Telethons SRC/CBC prod/director

The Last Jesuit 1 x 60” SRC Original idea/


Genies en Herbe 156 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod

Manigances 150 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod

Dr. « V » 120 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod

Genies en Herbe Jr. 60 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod


Vazimolo 90 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod

Bouledogue Bazar 60 x 30’’ SRC exec/prod
« 0340 » 900 x 10’’ SRC exec/prod


Les Débrouillards 130 x 30’’ SRC

Watatatow 450 x 30’’ SRC

Wimzie’s House 110 x 30’’ SRC

Kitty Cats/Pacha 195 x 15’’ SRC

Iris 65 x 15’’ SRC

Little Star 130 x 15’’ SRC

Sur la Piste 52 x 30’’ SRC

Ici Ado Canada 3 x 60’’ SRC

Les Mondes de Sismi 26 x 30″ SRC

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