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Some fears and insecurities which stop us from moving forward towards our goals?

Fear of failure for one: if we don’t attempt anything, we can’t fail. But we can’t succeed either. I have heard the coach ask his clients to do something which may lead to failure. Letting oneself fail is a good way of learning and growing – and reducing the fear!
Fear of embarrassment, of looking incompetent: Is it about how others see us or being on track with what we want?
Fear of success: Perhaps we feel secretly that our goals are loaded with new responsibilities and that success will bring new stresses or will take us to a level where we do not feel competent.
Fear of the unknown. Clarifying just what this means often takes the punch out of the fear. There is no more bogeyman under the bed! (Phew!)

Written by Michel

March 13th, 2015 at 1:30 pm

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