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How to stay motivated?

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Motivation and success are directly connected. Clients often face challenges getting motivated as they work towards new success goals. I’m not talking about rah-rah motivation. Being motivated is getting your brain and emotions to work for you. The secret? Get very clear on your core values. Motivation shows up and grows as soon as you connect with what is truly important to you. Ask yourself, what do I really want presently?

Get in touch with that and you’ll see your motivation grow tremendously. It really comes down to leveraging your deepest values and connecting them to your goals. That’s what successful people do.

Another secret to staying motivated: focusing on what you want, never on what you don’t want…

Every successful person I know use their mind to stay focused on the outcome they want. Focusing your attention on what you want is the key.

When you focus your mind on the outcome you want, you’ll discover new ideas you can use to reach the goal; it makes you more aware of the resources at your disposal.  It creates motivation to act and it helps you develop the necessary qualities such as imagination and persistence.  Finally, you’ll find yourself attracting people who can help you in attaining your goals!

Suggested reading: Thresholds of the Mind by Bill Harris.

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June 10th, 2013 at 1:58 am

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