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We are our beliefs! Belief is the master

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My experience as a professional coach has driven home the all important reality that “we truly are our beliefs.” In the past years, I have spent much time in exploring and working with techniques and methods to help my clients develop leadership skills, communicate with greater clarity, to problem solve and perform at the highest possible level. Because coaching is about developing awareness of the structure of our thoughts, beliefs and values, it helps individuals to make more conscious decisions and to respond creatively to challenges and opportunities.

Beliefs. It has been said that belief is the most powerful force in existence. It is belief that enabled Einstein to discoverer his theory of relatively. Beliefs drive our lives. We know that our subconscious can achieve anything it believe to be true for us.

And we need to remind ourselves that our beliefs create what we have in our lives.  We can become slaves to them.

There is good news however. We have beliefs but we are not our beliefs. We can change those beliefs that don’t serve us in a positive way!

When we change the belief which is the cause, we also change our experience, which is the effect, the outcome.

What do you want to believe? You have a choice. We are not permanently ‘married’ to old and unworkable beliefs which can have a negative effect on us.

There are ways of reprogramming ourselves. Just as we were programmed by people and the way in which we interpreted experiences in our past, we can reprogram ourselves to begin choosing beliefs that facilitate getting what we really want! Some of the tools I offer my clients are positive self-talk, creative visualization, mindfulness training. With a new set of beliefs, you can begin writing a whole new script for yourself.

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November 29th, 2012 at 9:53 am

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