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“Am I really headed to where I want to go or am I just coasting?

Is what I am doing today really what I want to do or am I just doing it because it is what I was doing yesterday?
Is what I have what I really want or am I settling for it because it is easy, safe or not as scary as what I really want?”

Consider your answers to these coaching questions:

  1. How can I summarize where I am presently?
  2. What are the possibilities for me?
  3. What area(s) of my life do I want to most advance in?
  4. What’s important for me at this stage?
  5. What do I really want?
  6. What’s next?
  7. What are the wild options, the ones that scare me?
  8. What’s the first step toward my goal?
  9. What do I have to believe to realize my goals?
  10. How can I make this fun?

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April 10th, 2012 at 9:28 pm

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