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Goals Checklist for a dynamic autumn

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Grab a pencil and use this practical LAVOIE SUCCESS CHECKLIST(c) to help you kickstart your fall 2011 season!

Remember: “We all have two choices: we can make a living or we can design a life.” Jim Rohn

  • L=Learn. Something you want to learn to help you in your business or personal life. You could learn new skills, take a course to improve your performance in a sport or hobby. Learn to use a certain piece of equipment or computer program.
  • A=Acknowledge. Show your appreciation to someone or to a group of people. For example, children, clients, co-workers, employees, employer, exceptional service received from someone, team members, family members, partners. Most importantly, acknowledge yourself.
  • V=Ventures. This is something new you want to do, have, or be. Something that you have not had or done before. It is about new experiences, coming out of your comfort zone, pushing the limits. Create a new product or service, meet new people, update your wardrobe, do something for the first time, initiate new experiences and or visit new places, experiment with different foods.
  • O=Oneself. This is doing something just for yourself. On the spiritual, mental, psychological or physical level. Taking care of you! What would you just love to allow yourself to do? Attend a special event? Eliminate weight or addictions. Exercise. Fulfill childhood dreams and desires. A new sport. Have more fun. Meditation. Quiet time. Find a role model. Spend time with special people in your life. A vacation to rejuvenate your body. Fitness and nutrition. A massage?
  • I=Increase in Wealth. Do you want to increase your income or net worth? Decrease your debt or expenses? Go for a promotion? Change careers? Create new money goals which are realistic and measurable. Debt reduction, a financial plan, investing, getting more clients, networking, buying real estate, new sales generated in your business, improving your referral system, savings, stocks, mortgaging, selling something?
  • E=Excess baggage. Any situation, physical thing, relationship, any aspect of your environment, or anything that you are tolerating or which isn’t working. This is about cleaning up situations in the present. Clean the car, closet, fix computer problems, pay off debt, clean files, take care of personal issues, improve personal surroundings, work on your relationship with your spouse, children, co-workers? Avoiding negative people who hold you back.

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October 6th, 2011 at 7:35 pm

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