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The high price of energy…

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The high price of energy and a simple lesson from Positive Psychology

It has been said that we as humans need ‘emotional gas’ to live full and productive lives. Happiness is that source of energy much like the stuff we put in our cars to make them function optimally. According to recent research in Positive Psychology, consciously striving to increase positivity and happiness in our lives is the secret.

Sources of happiness can be found in many places. Daily meditation; vigorous or soft exercise; proper breathing; an attitude of gratefulness for all we have in our lives; communication with and the enjoyment of nature, friends, partners, children and animals. Laughter, hugs, and walking are others simple ways of “adding gas to the emotional tank.”

Find a method that works for you, apply it in your life and you will have “topped up” your reservoir with an inexpensive yet ever so amazing source of energy!

Written by Michel

May 5th, 2011 at 3:46 pm

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