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The role of your “Pitch” during the job interview

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The pitch is delivered after the first question. No matter the question. However, the first question usually revolves around why are you here. This “Pitch” is a story about yourself… of roughly 250 words.

The “Pitch” clearly states: a very relevant and compelling career achievement that makes you the ideal candidate for the position. It also highlights your key strengths, passions, interests as they relate to the job description.

The “Pitch” is brief but it achieves a lot. It avoids falling into the trap of “Take me through your resume” and begins the selling process.
It steers the questions to where you want to go. It’s personal.

Also before the “Pitch”…prepare an anecdote. One line, to break the ice. Speaking about the weather is nice, but impersonal, so try something personal and attempt a funny, light hearted comment, avoiding telling a joke.

Also, all your answers should highlight the requirements stated in the position description. These focus on your key strengths and you need to state them, VERBATIM.

Prepare questions for your interviewer; you should always have relevant interesting questions to ask. NEVER run out of questions because it denotes a lack of interest.

Finally: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. In front of the mirror to begin with, in order to get your answers memorized, then in front of a coach to practice delivery and the repartee.

P. Delorme
IT Architect

Written by Michel

January 19th, 2011 at 2:02 pm

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