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On Purpose in The Shift by Wayne Dyer

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-Let’s suppose I had an apple pie…and out of this apple pie, I take out a piece…and I give it to you and I say Ron, what is this?
-Hmm, it’s an apple pie
– How do you know that?
– Because it came from an apple pie
– So, that’s a very profound statement…everything in the universe must be like what it came from…

You can take an acorn and you’ll never get a rose bush out of it…look at yourself and ask the question, where did I come from, who am I, and what am I like and instead of making our choices out of who we really are, our authentic self, we make them out of the ego and every time we make choices out of the ego, all kinds of things begin happening to us that take us away from finding meaning…

-How do you know you are making a choice from your higher self?

You gage everything on the basis of how you feel…are you stressed out, angry, fearful, do you feel good about yourself, are you are purpose, do you feel like your life has any meaning? When you are operating out of the only part of yourself that is authentic, bliss is your response.

-Doesn’t ego serve me? If I was going with the flow I wouldn’t get anything done.

-That’s a conclusion you come to because you think out of the ego…the fact is, you may even get bigger and better things done if you came out of a higher place. Imagine yourself being able to work and to do everything you do from this place…well, it is called Dharma.
-What’s Dharma?

-It is a spiritual principle that states that there is purpose to our lives. Like a bird has a Dharma. Everything has a purpose. And if you find yourself working from that purpose, you will have found your Dharma. It is something that you will be living by and rather than using the ego, you will begin seeing what you are here for; you call it a calling, it is like an inner calling.

-How do you don’t know what your Dharma is; what if you can’t find your Dharma?
-Well, your Dharma isn’t anything you are ever going to find. It is something you are always connected to. It is your divine purpose. The ego has kept us away from this purpose. If you live according to your purpose, you’ll find that everything will come into your life on time and on purpose. You are a divine creation of God, a spiritual being. You don’t need anyone else to confirm that.

Written by Michel

November 18th, 2010 at 11:27 am

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