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James Flaherty addresses the FICQ (the association of professional coaches of Quebec)

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James Flaherty was the keynote speaker recently at the FICQ held in Montreal.

Author of the bestseller Evoking Excellence in Others, Flaherty noted that all of us are asleep to some degree.

We keep doing the same things over and over again; we keep having the same problems and we keep trying to solve them with the same old ways.
Coaching is about awaking us from our slumber of unconsciousness; our numbness in the way we keep useless habits. These put us to sleep and we stay far away from ourselves. One of these habits is the ‘busyness’ habit. ‘Busy puts us to sleep’. When we are asleep and busy, we don’t make good choices. For example, we don’t eat well.
We resist waking up.

A good coach who speaks from the heart helps people wake up. Because people want to be connected and SEEN for who they really are, speaking from the heart can help release the individuals from their sleepy state. Clients come to coaches to be SEEN and recognized for who they really are. They want to be welcomed for who they are. As they are. The coach welcomes them with openness and presence. He makes the connection. He create an atmosphere so people can really be themselves. To connect, a coach must speak from 3 centers at the same time, head, heart and gut. This connection with the client awakens him, lets him be seen and to be powerful.

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November 10th, 2010 at 10:24 am

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