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From Napoleon Hill via Bob Proctor

“What you think of is what you attract…so create the ‘right’ frequency with your thoughts. Put your brain on a higher frequency. When you change your thinking you change your life. It is important to understand how your mind works…Because there is a difference between wishing for success and being ready to receive it. First, you have to “believe” that you can acquire something. Belief is the key word. And open-mindedness is essential for belief. Become aware. And transmute desire into results. We all have paradigms. These are habits and programs (conditioning) from our past, our background. The multitude of “habits” which cost us time and money. These shape our lives. The habits control our behaviors and the results we get in our lives. Most of us are victims of our paradigms. Most of us work on “autopilot”. Our paradigms shape our perceptions. We often have been programmed to see things that aren’t there. Our life, relationships, wealth are all controlled by our paradigms. Can we change them? The answer is yes. We have options because we have the ability to think and to choose. We can go after what we really want. We can put our past to rest once and for all. We are our own power centers. First, think of what we want. Know that our spiritual DNA is perfect. Because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are able to create. We can control our vibrations and what we attract to ourselves. We are also intellectual and physical beings. Our marvelous minds are loaded and have infinite potential. We are an expression of Infinite power through us. The intellectual world through our ideas manifest as results. We create. We build an idea in our mind, it creates a vibration, and it creates a new entity. Our mind works in images. More important, the conscious mind has the ability to control the subconscious mind. It creates the image on the subconscious mind. We can decide to attract whatever we want into your life, because of this power. So, the key is to change our paradigm. Make a decision to change our paradigm. Change our subconscious mind. Create new ideas, perceptions and habits. Deal with your wants and choose to be successful. When we develop a new paradigm and move into new vibrations with awareness, we will then attract what we want into our lives. This won’t happen by accident. We have to recondition ourselves daily. Our consciousness will expand more and more, day after day.”

Written by Michel

July 28th, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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