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All kinds of blame going on…blame the government, blame the economy, etc.

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Blame doesn’t really get us anywhere. What does is taking responsibility for our lives.
The key: it is not the difficult situation or the roadblocks that must be changed but the way we view the roadblocks.
The point is not to find who is at fault but rather to find out one thing I can do to make something work. Taking 100% responsibility for our lives.
“People usually want the results guaranteed before they make the commitment. But unless you make the commitment to get the goal you’ll always be stuck with the roadblocks and impossibilities…so what you do is listen to all the impossibilities play through in your head and when they start to diminish a bit you get on with finding ways of making it happen. I still don’t believe I can do it, but that has nothing to do with it. I’m making every effort.” (Martin Rutte, lifestyle management consultant)
The difference with this approach and positive thinking is the way we approach a negative belief. With positive thinking, you try to ignore it.
But that’s an impossible task when you make big goals beyond reasonable expectations. The roadblocks and barriers are larger than the individual.
“The key is to acknowledge these barriers, our beliefs, and move around them or shift the emphasis.” (M.R.)
You have your negative beliefs and you also are responsible for getting the results because you are committed to attaining them!
This is a very powerful force and a whole new way of thinking and living. Taking responsibility is tremendously empowering.

Written by Michel

June 4th, 2010 at 7:50 am

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