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Taming your unconscious

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Want to tame your unconscious? Stuart Lichtman, developer of Cybernetic Transposition Method exposes it in “How to get lots of money for anything fast.”
So, what’s the secret to creating more joy or money now? And what’s stopping you? The roadblock isn’t in your thoughts or your conscious mind.
It is deeper. It’s in your unconscious. If there is anything you are attempting to achieve and not achieving it, chances are your unconscious holds the answer.
You can have a conscious thought (“I want to have more fun”) but right after that you may have another thought (“I never have fun”), a limiting belief.You cancel out your own request. As a result, you usually won’t get what you want. According to Lichtman, you must let your unconscious work for you. In his book, he teaches 2 three-step processes that are suppose to end the mental self-sabotage. He states that he has tested this method on 50,000 people with success!

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May 18th, 2010 at 4:14 pm

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