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Want to make a change in your career? Dick Bolles, author of What Colour is your Parachute, suggests using your gifts. They have an energy that needs expression. In other words, it comes down to finding expression for things that matter to you. “Each of us has talents of which we may be unaware which enable us to do certain things. One person might be a whiz at saving money while another exhibits great listening skills…You may have a gift that other people have but you also have other gifts and it’s the way you string those gifts together, much like the beads on a necklace that makes you the person you are.”

Bolles’ key message is to get to know yourself before you figure out where you fit in the world. Experienced job search coaches such as  Donald Smith (Montreal, Quebec)  know that it is essential to take the time to create a clear, detailed picture of your key talents and your life then to go find it. “What you decide you want has to really matter to you.”  It is much easier to hit a target when you have one. When you know your destination, it is a hundred times easier to find it.

Finally, it takes time to understand what really matters to you and to know what your essential natural talents are. The effort is well worth the price to pay!Working with a coach will help you reach your goal faster and more effectively!

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July 9th, 2009 at 1:20 pm

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