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What is a coach?

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“A therapist is like an archeologist who delves into the past to reveal wounds and facilitates healing. A consultant is more like a teacher, an expert in a specialized field one can seek out for advice while a coach is similar to an architect, called upon to examine and existing structure and to achieve improvements, congruent with future goals.” Julie Cusmariu, Life Coach.

A coach is really someone who “evokes excellence in another person.” The coach helps the client push back boundaries quicker and more effectively.  S/he is an agent of change who strives to empower his client and push him to his inner potential.

The coach considers his client to be well and whole as is. S/he isn’t there to try to fix something that is broken or imperfect. S/he doesn’t give counseling or advice. Rather, s/he is an agent who through questioning, listening, giving feedback and making requests for actions contributes to the emergence of what is already there. “Helping in uncover and to release the symphony which is already exists in the client.”

A life coach can work with his client in different areas: the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual (getting in touch with a deeper self). A coach will help his client to clarify values, a vision/mission so that he can then set goals aligned with this vision/mission. Finding an alignment of goals in sync with an individual’s values is extremely motivating and empowering.

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May 13th, 2009 at 5:08 pm

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