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On meditation

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“Just as we would love to be able to control the weather so that it didn’t rain on our party, we look for ways to control our thoughts…Sometimes it is indeed a wise move to work with the mind’s weather through medication, or a glass of wine, or a strong cup of coffee…but there is something we can do that is more lasting and trustworthy than all of the above–something that gets to the root of our most stormy mental weather, be it stress, depression, anxiety, or frustration. That something is the ancient practice of meditation…Meditation does not make things miraculously different. It doesn’t give us control over the weather. It doesn’t get rid of a stormy mood and replace it with a sunny one. Meditation does something much more subtle and even more magical. It wakes us up and leaves us standing tall in any weather.”

Elisabeth Lesser in The Seekers Guide (ISBN 0-679-78359-8)

Written by Michel

July 29th, 2008 at 2:13 pm

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