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More FAQ-The Benefits of Professional Coaching?

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What are some of the benefits clients report getting from professional coaching?

* Clients appreciate being accompanied by a coach ‘who is in his/her corner’…and so not feeling so isolated.
* Clients feel listened to. Validated.
* Clients feel more motivated. More creative. More productive.
* Clients come to realize that they can control their lives. This is empowering.
* Clients get in touch with their potential. They Can make a difference.
* Many clients discover their ‘inner purpose’ which transcends doing or having.
* Clients are apt to challenge their limitations, and go further.
* They learn to reframe their experiences. Thus, they gain a new and different perspective.
* Clients learn to welcome change instead of resisting it.
* Clients discover what they really want in their lives, often for the first time.
* Client develop their awareness and consciousness.
* Clients learn to live in a coherent way by aligning their values and goals.
* Clients become aware that they have total control on their thoughts/feelings. That they can create their reality any way they want. This is extremely powerful and empowering.

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May 27th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

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