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“Solution talk creates solutions.” (Steve de Shazer)

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I attended a very interesting conference last evening given by Danielle Lapointe, a business coach who lives in la Ville de Québec.
Based on the work of a group of psychologists residing in the mid-west of the United-States, their philosophy stresses the fact that the client is the expert in his life and profession and that he possesses all the necessary tools to be competent and to succeed. Called Constructivism, this coaching trend is future-looking and stresses exploring the ‘possibilities’ instead of trying to ‘problem-solve’. “Problem talk creates problems; solution talk creates solutions.” In large, the Constructivist movement is inspired by developments in NLP. Where does the coach fit in? He is the partner who co-creates solutions with his client instead of trying to resolve and ‘fix’ problems. Milton Erickson had developed an approach which taught that the ideal way to help a client is to build on the ressources by helping ‘to direct him towards his own future’. Concretly, it is the difference between a coach carrying someone on his own shoulders (very uncomfortable for both parties!) as opposed to actually helping the client to discover where he wants to go and to follow him as he brings us there. The coach then acts as a person who leads his client ‘from behind’.

Problems drag us down or keep us in the past. Dreams and an approach based of discovering solutions propulse us towards the future and get us out of our boxes, our comfort zones, and also out of our limiting behaviors. When we create objectives, we begin creating a new reality.

A coach can help a client change his perspectives and his perceptions. He can assist the client in opening that space in his mind and heart in order to ‘create new possibilities and solutions.’

Written by Michel

January 19th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

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