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Change beliefs to shed pounds!

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Benoit Jobin loves to cook and eat and he has gained a lot of weight over time. Happily, with the help of a weight loss group, he has lost a lot of the accumulated kilograms.

The sad news is that diets alone never work. My own life experience and my work with my clients have convinced me of this. Diets can help a person to lose weight temporarily. However, the kilograms will inevitably return if an individual doesn’t deal with other issues in his life.

What does work is making a major change in limiting beliefs. Humans are beautifully complex beings. The physical, emotional and mental energies are all connected. A person cannot just change one element in his life (e.g. the control of food intake) with the expectation of making a lasting lifestyle change. Emotional states affect appetite and behavior; and our physical health affects our emotional. What we eat and what we do affect both. Unfortunately, there is a tendency today to compartmentalize and to separate these energies. A person just can’t deal with his emotions or exercise regularly or eat in a healthy way. All three energies must be maintained simultaneously. Good eating habits, exercise and healthy emotions coupled with an empowering belief system must co-exist. Nothing else will work. That’s why we speak of having to decide to make a commitment to profound and lasting change in order to succeed. Individuals succeed in the battle of the bulge when they decide once and for all to make changes in three areas of their lives. This is the holistic approach.

The ideal approach for an individual seeking to find and maintain a healthy weight level is to partner and work with a coach who can assist him to explore and to discover what is lacking in his present approach. The key is to explore the road to a lasting and profound lifestyle change. We aren’t talking about major years spent in psychotherapy here. When a person “sees” and comes to understand that he can only maintain his healthy weight goals by choosing a holistic approach, then regular exercise, relaxation and maintaining healthy eating habits will become a truly satisfying way of life.With his coach, an individual can examine many areas of his life. Usually, a client will decide to choose new and empowering beliefs in order to accomplish his weight goals, replacing his old limiting negative beliefs.Since beliefs are self-fulfilling propheties, the client will make major breakthroughs when he learns to make new choices in life by choosing to create a whole new set of beliefs that will enable him to succeed!

Written by Michel

January 17th, 2007 at 6:05 pm

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