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Coaching MCL

Coaching Services personal and business coaching

COACHING MCL offers different kinds of personal and business coaching services which can be adapted to your own schedule and requirements. We are flexible in meeting the needs of professionals and individuals for personal or business coaching services.

COACHING MCL adheres to the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.

telecoaching or face-to-face coaching

As a professionally accredited personal and business coach with many years of life and business experience to draw from, I bring a wealth of expertise to my clients in these specific areas:

  • Sixty minute coaching session
  • Personal goals; value clarification and goal setting; career and life transitions; work-life balance. Creating a successful inner game. ‘What do I want and what are the steps to attain my goals?‘
  • Professional goals: small business and management issues
  • Creativity coaching i.e. for the client looking to live a successful creative life. Communications, television and film production.
  • Business coaching for managers and entrepreneurs. Leadership

mentoring and coaching consultation

In addition to all our services, we also provide coaching conference and seminars for team building, business communication and leadership with emphasis on the television and film industry.

  • Communications: television and film production; creativity issues.
  • Understanding the television business to become a successful professional.

coaching conferences and seminars

Some conferences offered.

  • Motivational: ‘If you can see it, you can have it’: Creating a personal vision, goals and a powerful action plan.
  • Issues and questions related to the television industry, specialization in children’s, youth and family programming from the producer’s as well as the broadcaster’s perspective.
  • Leadership in your life; leadership in business. A successful 'Inner Game'.
Personnel and Business Coaching
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