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professional coaching: are you ready ?

When do you need a professional certified coach?

  1. Are you facing major professional and business challenges?
    • Do you want to clarify a vision, values and set goals?
    • Do you have new organizational challenges at work?
    • Do you want to improve your productivity?
    • Do you wish to resolve interpersonal conflicts?
    • Are you facing unexpected changes in your personal and professional life? Are you exploring new career possibilities?
    • Do you want to improve your organizational skills?
    • Do you want to confront your fear of failure? Your fear of success?
    • Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and to do what it takes to succeed?
    • Do you want to better manage your work/life balance?
    • Do you want to change your habits: procrastination, poor time management, unclear goals?
  2. Do you dream of fulfilling a dream; attaining your objectives or increasing your performance?
  3. Are you going through a career transition? Would you like to explore new career opportunities?
  4. Do you want to develop your creative side?
  5. Do you want to develop your leadership qualities

Need an experienced professional certified coach?

I am an ICF professional certified coach specializing in coaching:

  • Individuals wanting to clarify a personal vision and creating personal and professional goals.
  • Creative people in the arts, television and film industry.
  • People in transition (career challenges, pre-retirement).
  • Busy small and medium size business owners and managers and entrepreneurs.

My mission is to accompany my clients from their present situation to the one they envision.

I profoundly understand that every change in life starts with a vision, an idea, and a dream! We use our imaginations to see ourselves in the future.

Coaching is a powerful tool. It works! Coaching is about change. A coach is an expert in change who assists his client in designing and attaining his or her full human potential.

Positive change in your life; your business; your career; your creativity, your leadership!

Someone once said that goals are “dreams with legs”. Do you want to achieve your dreams and attain your personal and professional goals? That is what coaching is ultimately about: making your dreams real.

As a coach, I accompany you on this journey. I’ll engage your mind and imagination in a practical and energizing way. I’ll get you on the move. Together, we’ll work on realizing your goals. You’ll achieve the results you really want. We’ll close the gap between your dreams and reality.

Simply put, as a coach, I will help you get what you want for yourself: in your life and personal development; in your career and your business, in your relationships. During the coaching, you will clarify where you are in your life. You will see new choices and new possibilities. Coaching will help you persist in the change you decide to make in your life.

Master coach Joseph O’Connor once wrote that “life is a series of small decisions and a big change is often many small changes saved up for the right moment”. I will help you to create that ‘right moment’. I will help you make those changes.

Coaching will make you aware of your #1 enemy: habit. Are your old habits serving their original purpose or are they holding you back from the life you really dream of? As your coach, I will help you be more aware and I will work with you to get you out of your comfort zone. We’ll tackle your limiting beliefs head on.

By assisting you to define your goals and challenges, the steps forward become clear, concrete, do-able and energizing. I will be the catalyst for your own natural creative and problem-solving energies! I’ll help you identify what the word ‘success’ means to you; your big-picture goals; set strategy and stay on course. Your life will change tremendously. I’ll help you design the life you dream of. By focusing on what you really want, you’ll reach your goals because ‘what you think about, you bring about’. You are the masterpiece of your own life. The Michelangelo, the creator. Everything you have in your present life, you have attracted. Once you are aware of this great truth, you can begin making REAL CHOICES AND DECISIONS. You’ll become the true creator of your life! And you’ll get what you want..

I will help you to focus on what is really important for you !

I will listen to you; I will ask open questions; I will give you feedback and I will present you with challenges that will be more stimulating than those you would give yourself.

I will create a dynamic work environment. I will help you to uncover limiting beliefs which are creating roadblocks in your life. We will work together to replace these negative beliefs by positive and empowering thoughts and actions.

the power of coaching

As an experienced certified coach with a background in television production, creativity and management, I work with my clients to help them reach their personal and business goals. I have seen my many clients realize their dreams and attain concrete results time and time again. Indeed, ‘When you believe it, you’ll see it!’

In a nutshell, I share ideas, observations and perspectives with my clients, much like a sports coach would. I help my clients obtains their goals faster and more effectively. The client explores all the possibilities and adopts the most powerful strategies to attain goals. That is the power of coaching and it works!

During the coaching process, the client is in the driver’s seat. The coaching relationship is based on a partnership: the client is the expert in all matters pertaining to his life; the coach is an expert in bringing about positive change. During the coaching process, it is always the client is 100% responsible for decision-making.

A client can work with a coach for as long as necessary to attain his goals. The usual period lasts 3-4 months (one hour session per week).

principal areas where i can help you succeed

As a professional certified personal and business coach with many years of life and management experience to draw from, I bring a wealth of expertise to my clients in these specific areas and can help to:

  • To accomplish personal and professional goals.
  • To take on challenges and succeed in your professional and business life.
  • To develop your creativity i.e. help for a client looking to live a successful creative life. Communications, television and film production.
  • To explore personal goals; career changes and personal transition issues.
  • To improve your leadership.

As an experienced professional certified coach, I have pragmatic, non-judgmental and energizing approaches which will jumpstart your potential. I will help you to realize what you want in your life. Coaching helps people attain goals more rapidly and more effectively. A coach brings a wealth of real-world life and business experience together with a pragmatic and goal-orientated approach.

I will help you to clarify your purpose and values; to create a personal vision and to realize your personal, business and development goals. I will help you get to where you want to go!

My principal goal as a coach is that my client succeeds and realizes his/her full potential. Coaching is forward-looking and action-oriented. It is about what you want to do with your life.

Finally, working with a coach helps high-performing individuals crystallize priorities and turn thoughts into action, achieving the goals they have set for themselves. These are very realistic outcomes from the work of a coach and client.

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